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My workshops are jam-packed with ideas, inspiration and techniques you can start using right away.

In my 12 years of teaching workshops, I've found what I enjoy doing most is tailoring my classes so that each student walks away armed with what they need to grow their individual creativity. There is never any pressure to create work "just like me" rather, I will guide you to use my techniques to find your own artistic path and your own voice.

No matter which class you take, there is always plenty of one-on-one guidance -- even if you have never collaged or painted before you'll leave my workshops with the tools and ideas that you need to jump start your creativity when you get home.


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CLAUDINE HELLMUTH: retro * whimsical art & illustration

I attended Claudine's workshop in Fayetteville, GA. What I learned was priceless......The workshop has sent me in a true direction for once in regards to my own art and how I create it. It was my first true workshop of this nature and I had a BLAST!" - Jo Ankney

"Claudine has opened new doors for me. Now that I am home I have a reference booklet so I won't forget the process that she taught. Thanks Claudine, you are a remarkable artist and brilliant teacher. I would take your workshop again in a heartbeat!" - Anna Bezolt

"I have never worked on canvas or with "real artist" materials before in my life so I felt a little intimidated prior to taking her workshop. Claudine's "Revel in the Unexpected" workshop in no way made me feel intimidated like I thought I might. Her techniques were explained very clearly. Her enthusiasm and wonderful personality made the class so enjoyable and relaxing. She made me feel like I was a real artist. I would definately recommend her workshop to anyone who is interested in collage." - Kim Litavis

"Claudine's class took the mystery out of creating and made us all feel comfortable. Her class gave me just what I needed and I am so happy! " - Andrea Woodyatt

"Never have I taken a class that taught me so many different techniques, never have I had the instructor give us a booklet of class information so we could concentrate on technique, not writing down the instructions and never have I felt that I left a class a much better artist than when I entered! Claudine is a born teacher, right down to letting us make our mistakes and then teaching us how to fix them when we are on our own, that is priceless information! She is in constant motion and her high energy level remained the entire day. I would strongly encourage anyone, beginner to experienced artist to take this class...... you too will leave there knowing you have grown as a artist." - Jan Teaford

"If anyone is thinking of taking the Adventures in Color class then think no longer. RUN and sign up! Seriously, this was one of the best classes. I am truly (or was) color challenged. Had NO clue how to even start with the color wheel never mind what it all meant. After Claudine's class I feel very confident that I can match and mix almost any color I want. I understand the wheel and I feel I can now find what colors go with what and what will make mud. Mud has always been my specialty. On top of all the learning Claudine is so much fun to be around and is extremely helpful, inspiring and funny. It was truly an incredible weekend." - Roberta Shuman

"I used to think of collage as glueing down images in a pleasing composition. Claudine's Collage Discovery Workshop class changed all that. What great techniques!! Backgrounds, transfers, beeswax, WOW! That was the BEST class! .......The Adventures in Color was incredible for me too. I learned to mix paints and create a whole new source of inspiration to work from. Not that I've never mixed paints but I never went through the process the way you taught us. I didn't know to use black to shade down the color and white to tint up. That lesson alone will probably save me lots of $$ by not having to buy so many different colors of paint! Thank you for your generosity and making learning FUN. You were a pleasure to be around. You are an excellent teacher and I will be forever grateful to you for the direction my art has taken." - Sandy Friel

"If you have an opportunity to take one of her workshops don't pass it up. She is very focused and puts a lot of energy and information into her workshops (and she's very entertaining). She put together a book for us so note taking wasn't necessary. She also demonstrated a good many interesting mixed media techniques for backgrounds, then gave us plenty of time to put them to work. And, she spent a lot of time circulating the room answering questions. We definitely had plenty of one-on-one with her . . . and she was very generous with information, ideas, etc." - Catherine Moore

"I was fortunate enough to be able to take Claudine Hellmuth's workshop...WOW! It was absolutely incredible with lots of techniques and tidbits to revel in! She is quite a character and a pleasure to have as a don't walk to attend her workshops!" - Brionie Williams

CLAUDINE HELLMUTH: retro * whimsical art & illustration

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CLAUDINE HELLMUTH: retro * whimsical art & illustration

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