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Hello! I am an artist & illustrator. I enjoy combining my drawings with happy patterns to create quirky, retro-whimsical artworks that I license to the gift, home and craft markets.

In my 12 years as a full time illustrator, I have been featured in The New York Times, appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, HGTV and The DIY Network. My client list includes projects with major companies like Smart Car, Capitol Records and national publications such as The Saturday Evening Post.

I recently launched an exclusive paper crafting line with The Home Shopping Network and I continue to make live appearances on air with each new product release. In 2008, I developed a product line with Ranger Industries called Claudine Hellmuth Studio, of high-quality craft paints, mediums and canvas. I have also written three books and produced three DVDs, all centering on art and collage techniques that I teach in my workshops.

Originally from Orlando Florida, I now live in Washington, DC with my husband Paul and our very spoiled pets.


Where are you located?
I live in Washington DC in the U Street area with my husband Paul and our super spoiled pets. Of course I can never resist posting photos of my babies to my blog, or to twitter so you're sure to see tons of pet photos there!

What made you decide to become an artist?
I have been working full time as an artist since 2001, but art has always been a part of my life. I come from a creative and artistic family, so I think it was pretty much expected that I would be an artist of some sort. There was never a point where I actually "got started" in it. I was encouraged to create from the first time I could roll around and paint with finger paints. I was always at one type of art lesson or another. I enjoyed it all -- sculpting, drawing, painting etc. Working in all these different mediums while I was so young is probably the reason that I enjoy mixed media so much. I like all of it, and now I don't have to leave anything out.


Do you have a degree in art?
I graduated in 1997 from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington DC (right across the street from The White House!) with a Bachelor's of Fine Art degree. My concentration was in painting, but in my senior year I began doing more mixed media work which led me to collage & mixed media.

What is your studio like?
Right now my studio is the second bedroom of our apartment. It's a combined studio/office with a computer on one side and all my art mess on the other!

Where do you see your work going in the future?
Oh so many things I want to do! I hope to expand further into commerical illustration and also licensing more of my artwork in the gift,home and craft markets. Then from there who knows!! It's always exciting being self employed because you never know exactly what's next!


You work on many different projects (workshops, illustration, licensing, books, dvds, etc). Which do you like best?
Yes! I do a lot of different things! I illustrate, teach workshops, design products, license my work, write books, and I think I am leaving something out too! They are all fulfilling in their own ways. The teaching is wonderful because I love meeting new people and helping them explore their creativity. The downside to teaching is all the travel and time away from the studio. I love the challenge of commerical illustratiion and its a part of my business that I hope to grow more. My product lines are exciting and I especially enjoy the product development process! Each different part of my business has it's own pluses and uses a different part of my creative brain. It never gets boring!

What kind of music do you listen to when you create?
I listen to NPR. I love This American Life and All Things Considered. I also love it when I can catch Car Talk. Even though I know nothing about cars, those guys are hilarious. I have a list of my favorite podcasts here on my blog.


How did you get your craft line with Ranger?
I had met Ranger at the CHA show and began demoing in their booth in 2006. After a year or so of working together we decided that it would be great to bring my paint knowledge to their product line and so we partnered on the Claudine Hellmuth Studio line of paints, mediums, canvas and brushes. I have been painting since I was 14 years old. I got my BFA in painting so paint is very close to my heart. I have strong feelings about what a paint should be like and Ranger was able to create a paint that I am really excited to call my own!

As a creative person, you take a lot of risks and put yourself out there. How do you get support?
My husband is super supportive, listening to all my moans and groans and insecurities. So are my parents. Without my parents I never would have gone on this path because they never questioned sending me to art college when to everyone else it seemed like a crazy decision! "She'll never get a job!" I remember one friend of theirs saying at a Christmas party. ha!


What kind of music do you listen to when you create?
I listen to NPR. I love This American Life and All Things Considered. I listen to a ton of podcasts. I have a list of my favorite podcasts here on my blog.

What's a typical day like for you?
7am - get up, walk Maggie, eat breakfast
8am - back to bed for a morning nap!
9:30am - wake up, yoga, walk Maggie
11am - check email and go to studio and start working
5pm - walk Maggie again!
5:45pm - back to work
7:00pm - dinner time, check email, update blog
9-10pm - relax and watch TV with Paul
10-11pm - check email one last time, finish up any other work
Midnight -get to sleep!

My "typical day" can vary greatly when projects are on deadline. Each day is wildly different from the next and that's what I love!

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